Tuesday, November 27, 2007

5 things • luke stephenson

woah...luke stephenson's portraits are great. when asked what 5 of his favorite things in the whole wide world were this british photographer responded accordingly. you can see some previous posts with luke's work here and here. and take a peek at his very nice website right here.

1/ birds
i have become a bit of a bird fancier since taking photographs of budgies about a year ago. there are so many variations and colours within the bird world. they are just rather wonderful creatures and they can fly! you can see some of my bird photographs right here.

2/ useful photography

useful photography is a magazine created by erik kessels and friends. i just love this type of photography...it serve a purpose and it looks so good. it just amazes me that people are unwittingly creating such great photos. basically erik kessels is a genius. another good place to see odd photos is as-found.

3/ big shot polaroid portrait camera
this is my favorite camera, it just looks so strange, it's a bit like a plastic toy but it takes such wonderfully sharp pictures. it's a range finder camera so you're always a meter away form the person you are photographing. you can see some of my pictures taken with the big shot here.

4/ my computer and the internet

this is sort of two in one, but you couldn't have one without the other really. i spend far too much time with them both. the internet is just the best thing since sliced bread...you can find out anything, look up anything...it's mind boggling really.

5/ my glasses

my glasses are very important to me. without them i would live in a blurred world, which wouldn't be very nice especially for a photographer. it must have been horrible if you were short sighted in olden times before glasses were invented.