Monday, October 29, 2007

maurice scheltens

dutch photographer maurice scheltens makes so many amazing still life photographs. as nina folkersma writes: "essential to his work is the process in the studio where he constructs his settings. such as a graphic designer or a painter works layer by layer, scheltens continuously moves things around, painstaking joining pieces together to form a studied and balanced composition. he often chooses to expose the materiality of the process. pieces of tape, visible lengths of fishing line and cocktail sticks have not been retouched, but are left as evidence of the time-consuming, handcrafted way of working. these 'imperfect' odds and ends reveal the intrinsic paradox in scheltens's work." see more of maurice's work here. and a huge thanks to max for passing along this link.

[all maurice scheltens. from the series still life without food. 2001. top to bottom: #3. #2. #1.]