Friday, October 26, 2007

5 things • asha schechter

former new yorker photo researcher and i heart photograph guest blogger asha schechter just left nyc for los angeles this fall to pursue his mfa in photography at ucla. we here on the east coast miss him a lot so asked him to remind us of 5 of his favorite things. see asha's pictures here. a nice little website he created called specific things here. and his very own t-shirt company here.

1/ florian maier-aichen

i saw his show at lacma recently and was impressed by the way his pictures varied in form but were so consistent in tone. i especially liked his pictures of boats that had an epic, 19th century feeling. see some work from the show here.

2/ patrick jackson

patrick just finished his mfa at usc and does a lot of different things well. be sure to watch the excerpts of his videos. take a peek at more of his work here.

3/ the shy photographer

by jock carroll. i bought this book because of its great cover and title, but the story is better then you would expect. it's a terry southern-esque satire on tabloid journalism, but because it's from the 1960s it's not as annoying as that sounds. easy to find online but the one with the good cover is the british 1st edition. search for your own copy here.

4/ fallen fruit + treat street

these are both great ways of getting food unconventionally. fallen fruit, among other things, makes maps of all the places in los angeles where fruit trees extend into public space, which means you can go and eat it for free. treat street is a bakery that sets up shop sporadically for a day at a time in different locations, like a fancy lemonade stand. two of the nicer things about l.a. find out more about fallen fruit here and treat street here.

5/ interlochen music camp

i was looking at the amazing library of congress website and came across this collection of pictures from a "national music camp where 300 or more young musicians study symphonic music for eight weeks each summer." the photos were done by arthur siegel in michigan in 1942 for the u.s. office of war information. search the loc's database for yourself, type in "interlochen music camp" here.