Tuesday, August 28, 2007

jesse aaron cohen

jesse aaron cohen is a photo archivist at a library with a large collection of material from eastern europe. the last friday of each month he sends out an email of carefully curated thematic images. while the emails often draw from the collection he works with, they are sometimes unrelated and bizarre. things like dinosaur art or computer renderings of luxury apartments. check out past collections here and if you want to subscribe send jesse an email at jacohen [at] fastmail [dot] fm

[from top to bottom: cover of i didn't recognize myself, by yudah simhah gros. kiryaas yoel, new york: or simheh, 2000. from: email exhibition 2 -- "contemporary hasidic graphic design" -- february 25, 2005. house of david junior baseball team. benton harbor, michigan. 1927. from: email exhibition 15 -- "spring training" -- march 31, 2006. illustrations from
Kulinaria, a 960 page volume on cuisine and food culture, published by a soviet state publishing house in moscow, 1955. from: email exhibition 27 -- "the russian debutante's cookbook" -- march 30, 2007]