Friday, August 31, 2007

alyse emdur

linda d. cooper
i am a four time lightning survivor. i was first struck in ft. lauderdale, florida on september 15, 1983 while walking toward the post office to mail a package. the second incident occurred on may 27, 1993 at my home in hillsboro beach, florida while talking on the telephone to my daughter. it struck again a year later on july 11, 1994. i had just finished making jell-o for my family and was about to rinse out the cup when lightning came through the water faucets and ran up my arms. then in 2003, i was with my friend susan cooper in a steinway parking lot. lightning hit outside the car, came through the car and blew the cell phone out of her hand to mine.

ed, liz, erin ellickson
we were taking our daughter erin back to school in pensacola, florida on august 21, 2004 when lightning struck a tree, traveled through the ground, up a stair railing and through ed and erin. the blast knocked all three of us to ground. my husband and i suffered no long-term effects but erin suffers from short-term memory loss and has not been able to return to school, yet.

kim grills
i was struck on wed. june 7, 1989 in ingersoil ontaria, canada while golfing.

in an i heart photograph exclusive we get a first look at alyse emdur's new project about people who have survived being struck by lightning. i love the contrast between the sensational subject mater and the banality of these photographs. see more of alyse's work here.

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