Friday, August 17, 2007

5 things • paul graves

paul graves makes some of the loveliest commercial work i've ever seen. all these delightfully playful anthropomorphic things, often in collaboration with bela borsodi. rumor has it that he is currently in a big house in spain working on a personal project which i can't wait to see. when i inquired about 5 of paul's all time favorite things in the whole world this is what he shared. you can see a previous post about him here and take a peek at his website here.

1/ jethro haynes

shoe sculptures/photography from a graphic designer. they work with my sense of humor. see more here.

2/lisa reinermann

excellent work. "type the sky" uses building silhouettes to spell out the abc's. see more here.

3/ khan of finland

i have been listening to his music for years. and he's a dear friend. i can spend nights on end crawling from bar to bar with him acting like we don't have a care in the world except where the next place to get a drink is. have a listen here.

4/adalberto abbate

micro sculptures are dioramas of the macabre and disturbing (like scenes of accidents, riots, shootings, and more). see more here.

5/ thriller (in jail)

100's of inmates perform to michael jackson's "thriller" in the prison court yard. wow. you have to respect that. watch till the end.