Monday, June 11, 2007

liyu + liubo

such a great project by chinese photographers liyu + liubo: photographic reenactments of stories found in local newspapers. there's a really interesting way in which the factual, banal and deadpan language of the newspaper writing gets translated into visual form here. the photographers also note being very influenced by film, television, and news photos and these elements all come across in the aesthetic of their restagings. the photos also reminds me a lot of a certain quality in jeff wall's work. see more from this project here. and huge thanks to paul schiek of these birds walk for sending me the link.

an anonymous female body found on yangtze river bank, hankou –experts drew portraits for collecting more clues (chutian metropolis daily 2006-05-30)

may 2nd, an anonymous female body was found in hankou binjiangyuan ferry. since the face of the body has been seriously distorted and unidentifiable, one detective expert from shanghai railway police station and one professor from hubei institute of fine arts were invited respectively by wuhan water guard to draw portraits for reappearance. yesterday the portraits were publicized and related clues would be offered a reward.

failing in stealing, a thirteen-year-old girl set fire to classmate's flat (chutian golden paper 2006-04-05)

xiao qian (an anonym), a thirteen-year-old girl, copied the house key of her classmate, linyu (an anonym) and stole in the flat many times. on april first, xiao qian entered into lin's flat again and stole nothing. getting irritated, she actually set fire to the bedroom. yesterday, the two families came to terms. xiao qian's family paid lin yu's family ¥30,000.

alike in face, unlike in weight (chutian metropolis daily 2006-8-15)

it’s hardly to tell apart the twin sisters at first sight for they are alike in face but unlike in weight. one is plump while the other is slim. this startling change dates from march when the younger sister was sent to beijing for two-month advanced study. she took paiyousu diet pills and lost 14 kg in the staying.

girl was tailed in early morning - elders fought off gangsters with swords (chutian metropolis daily 2006-05-14)

at 5:00 a.m. yesterday, miss du, a clothing storeowner in yanzhi road, wuchang, left her friend’s flat. on the way home, she was tailed and robbed by two men. at the critical moment, four white-headed elders burst out and fought off the gangsters with their exercising swords.

a bleeding man crawling out of video arcade in the early morning (chutian golden paper 2006-07-09)

at 2 a.m. yesterday, the witness ms. xue was on the way out for night snack with her friend. when passing by a video arcade near hanxi road, jianshe avenue, hankou, she heard tussles and then saw three young men left in minutes. around 5 a.m., she returned and found a bleeding man crawling out of the video arcade.

[all liyu + liubo. from the project 13 months in the year of the dog.]