Tuesday, May 29, 2007

the atlas group

i've really loved this project by the atlas group since i first came across it at documenta xi. the work is attributed to a fictitious individual named fadl fakhouri, deemed the foremost historian of the lebanese wars. who, as the lore has it, at the time of his death bequeathed 226 notebooks and 2 short films to the atlas group for analysis, exhibition, and presentation. what we see here from notebook 38 is cutout photographs of cars that correspond to the exact make, model, and color of every car that was used as a car bomb in the lebenese civil wars of 1975-1990. spend some time poking around all the interesting projects at the atlas group website here.

[all dr. fadl fakhouri / the atlas group. from notebook volume 38: already been in a lake of fire. 1999.]