Wednesday, May 16, 2007

5 things • roy stanfield

i just love the way roy stanfield incorporates photographs and other imagery into his sculptural works. when asked roy admitted that he thinks the following five things are pretty great. you can see an earlier post about him here. and take a peek at more of his work here.

1/ joëlle tuerlinckx drawing inventory

great show. at the drawing center in nyc. see more from the exhibition here.

2 /cady noland

great artist. she's a pheonix. read an interview with her here.

3/ black hole + secret comics japan + comics underground japan

three great comics. not for the faint of heart. black hole, secret comics japan, comics underground japan.

4/ sigmar polke paintings photographs and films

great book. more info here.

5/ brad neely on

great sense of humor. giggle here.