Wednesday, May 2, 2007

oskar karlin

i love these studies from an ongoing project by swedish photographer/designer/geographer/all around awesome dude oskar karlin. here's what he has to say: "it all began the summer of 2002 maybe, when i was hiking in the mountains with two friends and i took a photograph of a mountain and accidently excluded the horizon in the picture. all one could see was a mountain, but since there was no horizon it was really hard to read the picture. how far away is it? is it taken from above? etc. were some of the questions that came up. then a year or so later i decided i wanted to continue explore that phenomena of nonexisting horizons. i first started out by downloading landscape photos from the internet and started cropping out the horizon and then compared them to the original and looked what happened. then i made some other experiments (examples above)." see the final pictures and read more about the horizon project here.

[all oskar karlin. from the horizon project.]