Wednesday, January 17, 2007

long lost photo books of the 80s • annie on camera

hey, ever wonder what photographers like stephen shore, william eggleston, garry winogrand, joel meyerowitz, and mitch epstein were up to in the 1980s? well, let me tell you: they were aimlessly wandering around the set of the movie annie snapping pictures. um, how bizarre is that?

[the dream team, exactly as they looked in the early-80s. left to right: stephen shore. william eggleston. garry winogrand. joel meyerowitz. mitch epstein. all photos from the book annie on camera. abbyville press. 1982.]

the project was producer ray stark's idea and the result was annie on camera, a book that you'll want to snap right up if you ever find it on ebay. flipping through it today, exactly 25 years after it was published, there's something both weird and great about seeing the signature style of these majorly renowned art photographers applied to such 80s hollywood drivel...

[big photos, top to bottom, all untitled, by: mitch epstein. garry winogrand. william eggleston. mitch epstein. joel meyerowitz. stephen shore. all published in annie on camera.]