Thursday, June 30, 2011

david horvitz

request from david horvitz: "i am in the photo festival at arles, france this year. it starts next monday. i will turn my hotel room into a 'bootleg' 'satellite' exhibition space to the festival. it will be in the atrium hotel. the rules are:

mail me a 'copy' of a photograph by a photographer who either: inspires you, compels you, produces thought in you, interests you, articulates itself within a certain discourse that engages you, etc...

a 'copy' can be: b/w photo copy, color photocopy, print out from computer, fax, a photograph you took of it, etc...

on the back of the envelope, write: a) your name, b) where you are from, c) the photograph's name, d) any of the photograph's info (title, date, location, etc...)

it can be any photographer. famous photographers, or your friends.

mail to:
Julie Ferrif (for David Horvitz)
Les Rencontres d'Arles
34 rue du Docteur Fanton
13200 Arles

the show will be up from the 3rd of july to the 10th of july. things can be late. i will leave the 'exhibition' inside my exhibition at the festival. so there will be an after-life. the festival is on for the whole summer. so this can come show up a month or two later, and miss the hotel, but still find there way in."