Monday, May 7, 2007

5 things • sannah kvist

i love-love-love the pictures of swedish photographer sannah kvist. she was even kind enough to illustrate her 5 things with some snapshots for us. take a peek at an earlier post about her work here. and you can see even more of sannah's stuff and visit her blog right here.

1/ swedish vhs, the land before time

i may be the only person left in the world who still doesn't own a dvd-player. i found this vhs in a second hand store a few weeks ago and i didn't even blink before buying it. when i saw this movie for the first time as a three year old child i was introduced to the concept of death for the first time. i was feeling so bad about it i actually had to undergo therapy for the following year! i've watched it since then, but it's not really the same. still a great movie though!

2/ dr pepper featuring my cat

it's really hard to find dr pepper in sweden, so whenever i do it's the best event of the week. i just recently moved to a new neighborhood and i discovered they sold dr pepper at the local gas station, and the cashier was so shocked someone actually bought it that whenever i now enter the mini store for a nice gold bottle of dr pepper he gives me free gum.
the cat's nice too!

3/ portable vinyl player

you can actually play both 7" and 12" records on this wonderful thing! it's just great for late summer nights, combined with beer, friends and your favorite mid-80's singles.

4/ bathtub

spending almost half of my free time in the bathtub i just felt i had to give it some credit! i don't think people actually understand how much things you do in a bathtub besides taking a bath. reading, playing, eating, sex etc.

5/ easter egg

this was actually a gift for my girlfriend, but since i had to pick what candy would be inside i chose only candy that i like (unconsciously of course...) so when she got it she was very happy but refused to accept it, so it was returned to me again. now, 2 months later, i still haven't finished even half of the candy, but i'm getting there! it almost feels like going to work, picking the egg up in the evening, watching bad tv. but you can't really throw away candy, can you?