Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some Questions - Jason Lazarus

[Jason Lazarus. Untitled. 2010] See more of Jason's work here.

In your experience, how has the Internet changed the way that art is discussed, displayed, curated, experienced, or distributed?

What are your opinions on the idea of the Internet as replacement for critique space? As replacement for museum or gallery? Jpeg as replacement for physical art object? Tumblr as replacement for curation?


i want to throw in two cents, and just focus on the internet as replacement for critique space...

1. i love the future
2. the internet is part of it
3. everything changes with the internet, the monitor, the jpg, the ubiquitous production and consumption of images
4. power is redistributed, and that's super interesting/'s a beautiful irritant to the status quo
5. the internet doesn't solve any problems, it simply provides a new and interesting set of problems and solutions
6. we are human, we are about 5'7" tall on average...we respond to photographic scale, materiality, surface, etc as we are fleshy bags of complicated sensors with legs...this will always make photographs interesting to us as objects in addition to 1's and 0's. jeff walls are more interesting with the presence of jpgs on the internet, the jpgs on the internet benefit from the swollen jeff walls hanging heavily in museums.
7. friction is generative