Tuesday, September 30, 2008

christoph keller

from christoph keller's 'inverse observatories.' "keller makes use of the observatory contrary to its true function: it is not the universe that is observed, rather the observation itself." see more here.

[all christoph keller. from the series inverse observatories. 2007.]

paho mann

paho mann's junk drawers project. as he says "my work explores the persistent mark of individuality in a culture that brands, packages, and relentlessly promotes conformity." see more here.

[all paho mann. top to bottom: junk drawer, albuquerque nm. 2001. junk drawer, albuquerque. 2001. junk drawer, new york ny. 2004.]

amelia bauer

work by amelia bauer. currently on view at capricious in nyc. see more here.

[all amelia bauer. from the toile series. 2008.]

Monday, September 29, 2008

nurit yarden

nurit yarden's visual diaries. see more here.

[all nurit yarden. from the series as if, visual diaries. 2002.]

may heek

new work by may heek. see more here.

[all may heek. from the series slumber. top to bottom: ivory grey, unknown. smoky violet, jill. black, baron.]

zack genin

work by zack genin. see more here.

[all zack genin. from the series everything right now. 2005-8.]

Friday, September 26, 2008

wouter venema

work by wouter venema, from the project 'ontvelde tijd' (skinned time). the installation consists of a film, a photo work, and a starry sky, each representing a piece of time. see more here.

[all wouter venema. ontvelde tijd. 2007. top to bottom: still from hubble / ocular / open end. engram: george eastman. engram: installation view.]

sannah kvist

work by sannah kvist. see more here.

[all sannah kvist.]

simone niquille

work-in-progress by simone niquille. the images are derived from google search results for politicians and data from their speeches. see more here.

[all simone niquille. top to bottom: woodrow wilson, war message. john f. kennedy, ich bin ein berliner.]

Thursday, September 25, 2008

txomin badiola

work by txomin badiola. see more here.

[all txomin badiola. from the series family plot. 2004.]

martin adolfsson

work by martin adolfsson. see more here.

[all martin adolfsson. from the series social uniforms.]

sean higgins

work by sean higgins. the images were culled from nasa's photo archive and then digitally manipulated to transform documentarian images into a fictitious narrative. see more here.

[all sean higgins. top to bottom: co-conspirator. mistakes were made.]

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

justin ponmany

work by justin ponmany. see more here. thanks to michael for the link.

[all justin ponmany. 2007. top to bottom: kolkani baugh, room no 2, salma manzil, doodj naka. 401, pallavi sector 4, plot no 244, charkop, 2007. 1-b indraneel bldg, rdp 1/38, sector 2, charkop, 2007.]

alona + limor

alona + limor's 'viewmaster' series. see more here.

[all alona + limor. 2002. top to bottom: apples. daffodil. radish.]

Monday, September 22, 2008

sally mckay

animated gifs by sally mckay. see more here.

[all sally mckay. top to bottom: loon. finch. tree wind.]

Friday, September 19, 2008

explore contemporary photography at cooper union

for those of you here in nyc, there are still a couple of spots left in my 'explore contemporary photography' class offered through the continuing education department at cooper union. it's kind of like i heart photograph live, we stomp around nyc visiting galleries, photographers' studios, and tons more in search of the most interesting stuff out there, listening to lots of perspectives on contemparary photography from a range of amazing people working in the field. this fall capricious, humble arts foundation, and aperture, are just a few from the list. the class begins next week and i would love for you to join us. full details and registration info are here.

[photo of the cooper union from 1861.]

carrie schneider

work by carrie schneider. see more here. thanks again to adam for the link.

[all carrie schneider. top to bottom: queen of this island (utö, suomenlinna). 2008. (we (baltic version). 2007. still from the film untitled (utö). 2008.]

david eskenazi

work by david eskenazi. see more here.

[all david eskenazi. from the series objects.]