Thursday, July 31, 2008

rogier maaskant

work by rogier maaskant. see more here.

[all rogier maaskant. untitled.]

it's 1975 and this man is about to show you the future

an amazing set of 56 images from a 1975 ibm slide presentation up over on square america. they describe it as "one foot in the future and the other stuck solidly in the 70s." yes! see the whole set here. and thanks to ofer for the link.

[all from the square america exhibition it's 1975 and this man is about to show you the future.]

erin jane nelson

work by erin jane nelson. see more here.

[all erin jane nelson. diagrams. 2007-8.]

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


these are all part of the exhibition 'truthiness' which explores photography as sculpture. up now, through october at the california museum of photography in riverside. see more here.

[top to bottom: katie grinnan. rubble division. 2005-6. amir zaki. meditations on the hollywood juniper (detail). 2008. mary younakof. red alert. 2008.]

archive • super prom

super prom! these are all photos from a series of parties that a group of friends had over the span of fourteen years. their fun is meticulously archived, see more here.

[all from super prom website. thanks to josh for link.]

archive is a weekly column by asha schechter that appears each wednesday on i heart photograph.

jake jefferies

work by jake jefferies. see more here.

[all jake jefferies. from the series magic.]

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

martijn hendriks

martijn hendriks's "attempt to organize google image search results according to strategies of defacement." see more here.
[all martijn hendriks. in the black of this long night. jpg slideshow transfered to dvd. 2008.]

stephanie syjuco

stephanie syjuco's project 'the village'. as she explains, the work is "a documentary portrait of my domestic space with a completely constructed and fantasized 'homeland.' culled from tourist photos of the philippines downloaded from the internet, the small cut-out dioramas form little embedded colony encampments and outposts, becoming for me crude reminders of a place i am connected to by birth and yet very unfamiliar with." see more here.

[all stephanie syjuco. 'the village' (small encampments). 2007.]

pamela pecchio

work by pamela pecchio. see more here. thanks to heyward for the link.

[all pamela pecchio. from the series habitation.]

Monday, July 28, 2008

noel rodo-vankeulen

some brand-new work from noel rodo-vankeulen's 'nocturne' series. see more here.

[all noel rodo-vankeulen. 2008. top to bottom: fake burst. great grandfather and freemasons. skull.]

club internet

club internet's latest exhibition is now online: 'contact (1997)' curated by damon zucconi. up through august 19th. take a peek here.

[all from club internet (3.0). top to bottom: martijn hendriks. 12 glowing men. 2008. aleksandra domanovic. ADSL. 2008. jordan rhoat. solar panel tattoos. 2008.]

hee seung chung

work by hee seung chung. see more here.

[all hee seung chung. top to bottom: no matter where, of comfort no man speak. moving tableau #3. moving tableau #2. 2007.]

Friday, July 25, 2008

lauren edwards

work by lauren edwards. made by projecting and rephotographing old family snapshots. see more here.

[all lauren edwards. untitled.]

Thursday, July 24, 2008

silja leifsdottir

work by silja leifsdottir. see more here.

[all silja leifsdottir. top to bottom: blaming me, blaming you. untitled. triple egg trick, part 1.]

claire gillo

claire gillo's 'imagined histories.' see more here.

[all claire gillo. imaged histories (collected cases).]

candice breitz

candice breitz's 'group project' strips fashion ads of what's being sold and in the process foregrounds the bizarre conventions of advertising photography. see more here.

[all candice breitz. 2001. top to bottom: group portrait 7 (izod). group portrait 2 (tommy hilfiger double-spread). group portrait 5 (mercedes benz).]

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

click! interview

artinfo asked me to weigh in on the brooklyn museum's current crowd curated photo exhibition, click! they also talked to the guggenheim's photo curator jennifer blessing, international center of photography's kristen lubben, and gallerists yancy richardson and sarah hasted. it's a pretty interesting read to compare our responses. see the full article here.

karly wildenhaus

karly wildenhaus's 'interference' project. see more here.

[all karly wildenhaus. from the series interference. 2008.]