Monday, March 31, 2008

hans hemmert

photos by german artist hans hemmert. this 100% articulates how i feel today. see more of hans's work here.

[all hans hemmert. 1998. top to bottom: o.t. (gelbe skulptur passend zu fotoapparat). o.t. (gelbe Skulptur passend zu Bierkasten). o.t. (gelbe skulptur passend zu leiter)]

daniëlle van ark

work by daniëlle van ark. see more here.

[all daniëlle van ark. from the series the mounted life.]

grant willing

from grant willing's outer space series. see more here.

[all grant willing. untitled from the series outer space.]

Saturday, March 29, 2008

michael dean

work by michael dean. take a peek at more here.

[all michael dean. untitled.]

lisa byrne

stuff by lisa byrne. see more right here.

[all lisa byrne. 2007. top: untitled. morning tablet 1. parental portrait.]

mariah robertson

work by mariah robertson. see an earlier post here and more of her stuff here.

[all mariah robertson. 2007. top to bottom: untitled. 71 suns roscolux. untitled.]

Thursday, March 27, 2008

is it possible to make a photograph of new jersey regardless of where you are in the world?

i spent most of yesterday aghast and elated. new jersey's leading newspaper, the star-ledger, featured i heart photograph's latest exhibition 'is it possible to make a photograph of new jersey regardless of where you are in the world?' as their lead front page story!

the show opens on april 6th at the pierro gallery and features over 1,000 photographs by 189 artists hailing from argentina, australia, cambodia, canada, denmark, france, germany, ireland, lithuania, netherlands, portugal, slovakia, sweden, thailand, turkey, united states, vietnam, and wales.

more teasers for the exhibition will be featured on i heart photograph next week. in the meantime you can read the full star-ledger article here. and mark your calenders to join us for the opening next sunday april 6th from 3-5 pm.

mike osborne

mike osborne's great photographs of the newspaper printing process. made at the austin american-statesman, san antonio express news, and l.a. times plants. see the whole project here.

[all mike osborne. from the series press pictures. fall 2005-present.]

jo-ey tang

interesting new work-in-progress by jo-ey tang. as he says about the pictures: "i'm embarking on some new work that has a lot of layering to it. they are combined from travel photos where me and my boyfriend take pictures of each other at the same spot." see an earlier post of jo-ey's work here and even more of his stuff right here.

[all jo-ey tang. top to bottom: first time. cazalla pool. catskills walk.]

todd fisher

todd fisher might be a genius. see more of his work here.

[all todd fisher. untitled.]

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

marco bohr

intersting work by marco bohr as he says about it "my photographic projects predominantly deal with contemplation of the landscape whereby I am more interested in the people engulfed in the activity of seeing, than what they are seeing." see more of his stuff here.

[all marco bohr. 2006. top to bottom: rochers-de-naye. finisterre. phu-tay-ho.]

archive • women working

the harvard university library's 'working women, 1800-1930' archive
"focuses on women's role in the united states economy." it's full of images of decked out ladies joining the work force in the first half of the 20th century. enter the archive here.

[all from harvard university library's open collection program.]

archive is a weekly column by asha schechter that appears each wednesday on i heart photograph.

charlie deets

new work by charlie deets. see more of charlie's stuff here.

[all charlie deets. from the series blindmattes. 2008.]

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

interview • harm van den dorpel

i heart photograph: is this image part of a larger project, and if so, could you explain the basic ideas/impulse behind the work?

harm van den dorpel: this work is part of my project 'semantics'. it is a series of manipulated found images. after applying one action or manipulation i put them back online. in computer programming 'semantics' is opposed to 'syntax'. when i look at media i am always struck by the (stupidity of) visual conventions and expectations; these are these syntactic rules. purposely i generate a syntax error in the visual language of the photos. after the images are processed on a lower layer, they become mine, and carry completely other meaning or emotions.

i.h.p.: the way the image is collaged, it reminds me of natural history displays, except what's being presented is very unnatural and not explained like things in those museums are. i'm wondering if you could talk about the image in relation to ideas of display and (natural) history.

h.v.d.d.: the reason i like to use pictures of animals is because they are close to humans (i tend to consider human beings partly animals too). there's one big distinction when using footage of animals rather than people: photos of animals are not portraits. they are anonymous illustrations of a species. therefore nobody will wonder why i chose this particular ostrich. in this manipulated photo, which i call a reconfiguration, i try to create a confusion between real and impossible. until what point do we still believe a representation? the cliché thought about ostriches is their hiding behavior, putting their head in the ground. i like to do this too in my work. by hiding or taking the original meaning away, the only meaning left is that of a bare and empty visual language. i think there is a lot of beauty in these residues.
[photo: reconfigurations (ostrich) by harm van den dorpel. 2008. see more of harm's work here.]

interview is a weekly column by nicholas grider that appears each tuesday on i heart photograph.

sarah mckemie

work by sarah mckemie. see more here.

[both sarah mckemie. untitled.]

yvonne lacet

more interesting stuff by yvonne lacet. i love the simplicity of materials. you can see an earlier post here and more of yvonne's work right here.

[all yvonne lacet. top to bottom: incognito. untitled. 2005. model #1 #2 #3 (pattern for a house). 2005-6.]

Monday, March 24, 2008

patricia chan

interesting portrait work by london-based irish photographer patricia chan. as she says: "this series of portraits records a period of transition in a single subject over the course of nine days and shows a change in the facial expression, clothing, the slope of the shoulder and light as each day progresses. the repetitive act of photographing suggests the revelation of information about the nature of a subject. however this repetition does not suggest a sense of stability or coherency, but rather its opposite." see more of patricia's work here.

[all patricia chan. from the lightness series. 2007. top to bottom: day 4. day 6. day 8.]

the public library of american public library deaccession

a cool project by artists julia weist and maayan pearl: the public library of american public library deaccession. over a two-year period the process of withdrawing or disposing of no longer wanted books was researched and documented at public libraries across the united states. you can learn all about it right here.

[all julia weist and maayan pearl. from the project the public library of american public library deaccession.]